Overdyeing henna indigo hair

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Overdyeing henna indigo hair

About six weeks ago I used all natural henna 33% and indigo 66% on my hair. The colour is darker than I had hoped. I am naturally very dark brown but my hair colour has faded over the years and I have about 30% grey hair. I would like to over dye with NaturStyle but have read conflicting articles on overdying henna and indigo dyed hair . Could I just dye the roots the same colour as the current colour of my hair and wait until the original henna/indigo disipates before trying something lighter? I did not experiment with hair dye in my youth so am verey new to all this. Currently the roots are growing through and I must do something!

Thank you for your help

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Re: Overdyeing henna indigo hair

 If there were metal salts added to the product you used (which is actually quite common and often not mentioned on the label!) that could react in a terrible way with bottled dyes!

Also, once you've put indigo in your hair, chemical lightening can cause your hair to look green. This can be between a look that's a little moldy to "frog butt green," as I've heard it described.

The bottom line is that you really need to strand test before you use a chemical product! That way you'll know what you'll get before you do it to your whole head.

You can also safely use pure plant dyes to color your roots without any worries of reactions or green. I would use about the same ratio as what your previous product -one part henna to two parts indigo (or a little less indigo for a lighter color) and apply to your roots only. I can't promise that the color will match exactly, but I'm pretty sure it will be pretty close. If you put the color on the whole lenght of your hair though, it will get even darker, which you obviously on't want.

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