Henna doesnt want to stick to skin?

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Henna doesnt want to stick to skin?

 I just made a batch of henna using the KISS recipe from HennaCaravan:

20g Celebration henna

1.5 teaspoons Essential oils

1.5 tbs dextrose

1/4 cup lemon juice

I made the henna and tested it out last night and the henna doesnt really come out smoothly and it wont stick to the skin (almost as if it wants to float!). The other problem is it is drying way too fast and cracking.

I suspect that there is a dryness problem so I am thinking of adding liquid. Should I add lemon juice or esential oils?



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Re: Henna doesnt want to stick to skin?

Sounds like its too dry. I think you need just a little more liquid. To me henna isn't about an exact recipe. There's too many variables that we can't control, like weather, the texture of the particular batch of henna you have, and on and on. Sometimes henna will suck up way more/less moisture depeding on those variables. I like to mix my paste stiff, let it stand, then after adding the sugar and EOs I adjust the consistency with a little more liquid or powder as needed. I'm just not on board with the idea that "simple" and exact are the same thing.

My simple recipe is more like this:

Stir lemon juice into 100 grams henna paste until it looks like stiff mashed potatoes. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it stand about 8 hours. Then add 1 1/2 tablespoons of essential oil. Stir while adding 1 table spoon of sugar at a time until the paste strats to drape off the spoon in ribbons. Recover and let it stand some more, checking for dye release every few hours. "Released" paste will color the heal of your hand bright orange after being on the skin just a few minutes. Depending on the henna you have and the temperature that could take anywhere from a total of 12 hours to 2 days. When the paste has released decide if you need to thin it with a touch of water, leave it alone, or thicken it with a little more powder. Freeze or use. 

This recipe isn't as exact, but it works for any kind of henna, any weather, any climate, any time!!

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Re: Henna doesnt want to stick to skin?

I must agree with Jen, sounds like it's definitely too dry.  I measure my henna powder by volume rather than weight, but where I live it's usually dry enough that the henna easily absorbs more than its own volume in lemon juice without getting runny.  So add lemon, a little at a time until your paste will drape smoothly off the edge of a spoon. 

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