Remove black chemical color from under henna/indigo?

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Remove black chemical color from under henna/indigo?

I have naturally dark blonde hair that I have been dying black with Aveda chemical dye for about 4 years. I recently decided to make the switch to henna. The first time I used it I did a henna/indigo two step process, which came out a dark reddish brown on my roots. A few weeks later I switched to a one step henndigo mix, which I've now used twice. My problem is that I have about an inch of growth since I started this, and my roots look great, a dark reddish brown color that I love, but then the rest of my hair is still black from the chemical dye. Is there any way I can remove the black chemical color from the length of my hair so I can just continue to use henna and indigo from now on? I'd love my hair to be all one color again without having to wait for it all to grow out.

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Re: Remove black chemical color from under henna/indigo?

ColorFix might work. I don't know if the Aveda dye would be problematic for ColorFix. ColorFix works with oxidative dyes (the kind where you mix a tube of colorant with some peroxide developer) but not with direct dyes. I've heard it doesn't work with Feria for that reason.

ColorFix won't remove the henna and indigo. It may seem to, for the first 24 hours, but then the color returns.

If you use ColorFix, omit the 3rd bottle, it's apparently peroxide.

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