Henna Indigo proportion and the Mix preferrence ?

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Henna Indigo proportion and the Mix preferrence ?

I am going to do hendigo in next few days, this time keeping a little longer than 30 minutes. The 30 minutes and not shampooing for next 2-3 days actually gave my hair a good dark brown and the gray too is covered pretty well.

My gray roots are just about 1/2" and the rest of the hair is chemically treated with hair color which has now some coating of hendigo all over.

I like the following hair colors from the "Mixes" posted on the site and that would be the final color I would like to have- shiny, dark auburn /red tinge like natural highlights (more like Chanda's hair but I don't mind as dark as Debbie's). These ladies have used variety of ingredients and I realize I need to figure out the best combination for overall color and coverage of gray myself.

http://www.hennaforhair.com/mixes/nina/ ( I like the color in the third picture from the left)



My question (or dilemma) is: Do I first try out the 1:2 Yemen Hendigo gray kit and let the hair get saturated with the intended dark brown color that will cover the gray completely or try out one of the recipes of the mixes I like above and see how the gray is covered. Some of the mixes I like don't mention anything about the gray coverage.

2) Is Celebration henna  mixed with indigo more likely to give me the result of the mixes I like and not make it too dark brown?

3) If the hair becomes too dark with indigo, what is the solution to turn it little lighter without losing  the gray coverage?

Thank you for your guidance!

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Re: Henna Indigo proportion and the Mix preferrence ?

I haven't used Celebration so I can't speak to that.

On the mixes pages, in general the little ingredient additions that people made using stuff from the kitchen isn't going to make a big difference; you can pretty much just pay attention to what proportions and what method/timing they used.

What some do for best deep color on gray hair is henna first, followed by the desired hendigo mix  (obviously if someone is going for a lighter color on their gray, this isn't the best method for them, but for dark brown it works well). The reason for doing it this way is that when you first apply indigo to hair, if it doesn't have a good base of henna on the hair the indigo may not stick as well. Doesn't happen to everyone but if you have dye-resistance this is a good strategy.

If your hair comes out too dark with indigo, your best/only chance to lighten it somewhat is in the first 24 hours - just shampoo the heck out of it using something strong like dish soap, leaving the suds on for 30 minutes at a time, several times. One person even used laundry soap with success. Condition very well afterwards, as this will dry out your hair.

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