First time Hendigo Gloss Big Thank you

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First time Hendigo Gloss Big Thank you

Well i'm new to posting, i haven't got a great deal to say apart from wanting to thank everyone who has ever posted on this site, because without you i would probably still be using chemical dyes, which cost a fortune promising to cover my grey and then failing miserably in that department whilst destroying my hair and self confidence.

After my last failed attempt at the chemical dye, my hair breaking and having to cut off 2 inches to stop further damage i was at my wits end, the greys were making me feel 90, i felt like crying every time i caught a glance in a mirror. So i trawled the internet looking for anything, i saw hair mascara, natural dyes that weren't that natural when i stumbled onto your website, so for the past month i have lurked reading everything i could. I live in the UK and no one really talks about henna, but the more i read the more it seemed like this could be my answer. The mixes page is amazing but as a novice far too complicated, then through lurking i came across glosses, sounded perfect for me to get me going, so i placed my order at a website found from your suppliers.

Today i did it, made one hell of a mess i used 4tbsp yemen henna powder 2tbsp indigo powder and 2 cups of a cheap as chips conditioner, thickend it with corn flour (starch i think you call it) whacked it on my head, cling filmed, towel and waited, because my greys are bad i waited 3 1/2hrs the drips not nice but i hung on in there and now i have golden highlights were the greys were which even though i've read a lot of complaints about this i am delighted to be golden instead of grey with lovely soft, healthy, bouncy hair with a red/brown glow.

I am so happy, and i just wanted you all to know how helpful this website is to people like me, without you i'd still be miserable, instead now i'm looking forward to colouring my hair again, you never know i might even start fiddling with ratios or even trying a full hendigo!! 

A couple of questions for clarification if someone can help.

  1. my powdered henna am i right to put it into the freezer till i need it again and my indigo in a dark cupboard?
  2. and is it ok to keep defrosting and refreezing the henna or should i split it into smaller portions?

Thanks again 

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Re: First time Hendigo Gloss Big Thank you

Yes, keeping powdered henna in the freezer (airtight of course) and indigo in the cupboard is perfect.

If you freeze henna paste or henna gloss, it's okay to defrost and refreeze several times but eventually it will weaken, once it's spent enough time out of the freezer. I like to freeze it in small ziplock bags, smashed flat so they'll thaw quickly, filled with just enough for 1 or 2 uses per bag.

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