Vege. oil as aftercare???

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Vege. oil as aftercare???

One of my Indian clients insists on using vegetable oil on her henna paste then wrapping it in saran wrap to sleep. I advised her this would be a hot mess. I gave my lemon sugar and suggested she wrap with toilet paper if she insists on sleeping with saran wrap. Has anyone ever heard of this vege. oil technique? She said she is from S.India and that's what they do..



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Re: Vege. oil as aftercare???

I have heard of it several times, but always discourage it.  Henna + heat + oil + trapped moisture = smooshy, gooey, yucky mess.  You were right to offer a better alternative.  Even if she didn't do it, the idea has been planted that there might be a better way.

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Re: Vege. oil as aftercare???

 "That is what we do." Drives. Me. Bonkers. We used to dump chamber pots out the window. We used to amputate the limbs of crazy people as if it were a cure. We used to burn witches. We stopped doing those things because they're dumb. Veggie oil and plastic wrap over henna is also dumb, and should also stop!

I had a bride just last year that did that. I told her I wouldn't promise good results if she did it, and guess what? Poorly colored sloppy mess.


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