Celebration henna dye release after 3 hours?

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Celebration henna dye release after 3 hours?

So I mixed up 1/4 cup of Celebration with 1/4 cup of lemon juice.  Set in a nice warm room ( ~80 degrees) for 3 hours.  Just for fun I checked the release and got a lovely orange stain on the heal of my hand.  I put in white sugar and lavendar/bay terps and put it back in to brew for 5 more hours.  When I checked it , barely any orange!!!  I was so bummed I threw it out!! I have a henna gig at our local artist's market and didn't want to use "dead" henna.  Was I too hasty or what?! Should I have considered it ready to use after only 3 hours? GRRR!  Boy the way, it has been stored in my freezer.

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Re: Celebration henna dye release after 3 hours?

I'm coming from a hair point of view, but from what I've heard on that side... Celebration dye releases much faster than most other hennas and 80 degrees is pretty warm (we usually dont recommend anything over 75 for hair cause it gets risky - missing optimal dye release and all that). I would say your henna was most likely very ready to go at 3 hours.


I know that sounds very fast for a lemon juice mix, but with Celebration it usually dye release in about 6 hours at 70 degrees... so 30 hours at 80 degrees sounds pretty reasonable to me.


Hope that helps for your next batch! :)

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