henna crowns on children?

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henna crowns on children?

Hello all!  I have an opportunity to help with a charity event for St. Jude's Children's Hospital/Research Center and they treat children with cancer.  I wanted to possibly donate my time by doing henna crowns for those over 5 years old but I'm not sure if it is safe- has anyone ever done this before on children?

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Re: henna crowns on children?

It would be best to consult with one of the doctors at St. Judes.  Obviously, you should not henna broken, irritated or sensitive skin.  Use a gentle mix and let them know exactly what is in it.  Check out the Health and Henna info at HennaPage here: www.hennapage.com/henna/encyclopedia/medical/ and be prepared to answer any questions the docs or parents might have.

I have had the opportunity to henna a child who was undergoing cancer treatment and it was a wonderful experience both for the child, who got to be proud of her bald head, and for me who got to help bring a smile to her face.  I hope everything goes well!

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