Is there a better henna for black result

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Is there a better henna for black result

Hi!  When it comes to doing a two step henna/indigo for very dark brown or black on gray hair, is there a difference between henna's used.

I know that henna is necessary to have the indigo properly bind to the hair, but will it be a noticable difference of coverage between BAQ2, Yemen, or Celebration?  When doing a hendigo, I see that the higher content henna is going to make a difference with gray coverage, but does this apply to two step for black as well?

I've heard that some people have a problem getting the indigo to stick, especially the first time.  Could the higher content henna eliminate this problem, or is the lawsone content not a factor in why this happens to some?


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Re: Is there a better henna for black result

High dye content definitely helps the indigo stick better! Some people may get a way with using something a little less dye rich such as Punjabi Prime if they don't have stubborn grays, but I really wouldn't recommend BAQ2 for covering gray unless you're looking for a coppery or strawberry blond result.

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