dry, rough hair ends after henna use

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dry, rough hair ends after henna use

 I have hair an inch shy of my shoulder and have been coloring it black with products from the drug store for a year. Bleached over the black to go all blue last june and stopped that in November. For a couple months now I've been nursing my damaged hair back to health with organic products, oil, homemade mixtures and decided to try henna two days ago. I added some olive oil, honey and tea to the mixture, kept the henna in my hair for 5 hours, washed it out, air dried my hair and massaged brahmi oil onto my scalp the next morning. 

I'm pleased with the henna because I DO see a deeper color to my hair and there's an added volume as well; I'm just a little concerned that my hair isn't showing signs of being conditioned. This is what I'd hoped for. Did I do something wrong with the henna mixture? Is there a recipe for an after-henna conditioner some magical person can pass on to me? ;) 

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Re: dry, rough hair ends after henna use

You could try oiling the ends overnight several times.

Another henna application might help, though that will deepen and darken your color.

Sometimes hair that's been chemically dyed/bleached multiple times just needs to be trimmed; it can get to the point where henna won't help.

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