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 I have been using the products offered from this site for almost 2 years. Before, my hair was chemically processed, a copper red. It looked nice but caused my hair to be a frizzy curly and it used to break easy. I just now finished rinsing and shampooing out the Ancient Sunrise that I had frozen, thawed and refrigerated for almost a week. I put it on and it looks great. I didn't even need conditioner to "detangle" my hair. It is naturally relaxed and shiny. From a deep burgundy to a shocking amount of "nautural" highlights. Those deep copper/burgundy highlights are actually grey and in front a bright white streak, like Bonnie Raitt. Thank-you all here at this site for your awesome product, I have been using Ancient Sunrise, but have used the Yemen product also and either product does my hair wonderful.


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Re: Incredible!

Just to let you know, all the hennas sold by are Ancient Sunrise. Thats the label. :) So the Yemen henna would technically be Ancient Sunrise: Yemen.

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