How did you get your Henna gigs, appointments, businesses going?

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How did you get your Henna gigs, appointments, businesses going?

Since starting Henna I have found an unbelievable passion for it.  It relaxes me, it makes me happy, I get many compliments, and have had a lot of people encourage me to take things further and further.

Right now I do boothes at SCA events and Renn Faires when I can.  I've done one birthday party as well.  These have all been through people who know me though.

I have a very busy beach near me and it is something I feel could be insanely popular and know that it is because there is one henna booth on one side of the beach that has non-stop business.  I spoke to them about working with them but they were only willing to pay me $8 hour.  I responded to say how about I pay then $8 an hour to use the space for a few hours each week.  :)  There answer was a obvious no. 

What I've done:
I've taken my portfolio to several shops to ask about subleasing space without any luck.  

I've spoken with the boardwalk director and they will not allow me to setup a booth independantly (and I definitely can't afford to lease a full store).  

I've spoken with the local farmers market who said I can sell material and items with henna on it; but can absolutely not do Henna on customers. 

I've spoken to another local henna business and they're willing to work with me on a 60 me / 40 them basis, but they are about an hour and a  half away from me, so that didn't work out.

I've advertised on craigslist with no hits. 

So..... I'd love some ideas... I work a full-time job in medical billing, but would really love to do this part-time and maybe eventually full-time.   Quite simply, it makes me happy.

How did you get your start? What do you do to find events / gigs / parties / or even a permanent booth?

Last seen: 7 years 5 months ago
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Re: How did you get your Henna gigs, appointments, ...

If you are new to henna, then maybe you are doing all the right things,but you are not giving it enough time.

Many of the most successful artists simply had to let word get out and then work came easily.

I wear henna all the time,and people will approach me to find out where I got it. So far,that has been my best advertising. Wear some of your best work,and then go paint the town.

I think in ANY business your work comes from word of mouth,so just get out there and do henna any way you can and your rep will speak for itself.

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