Want to henna gray hair

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Want to henna gray hair

My hair is mostly dark gray (originally dark brunette) and is silver in areas including a large area near my face on one side.  The other side is more dark gray.

I've read everything on the site and think I understand that pure henna will be orange looking on the gray but may deepen after more than 1 application.

I've read about using indigo to change this so it isn't so orange.  However I don't want brown hair.  I like the auburn/burgundy look but don't want to look just stark orange.

From what I've read, should I use mostly henna but put some small amount of indigo in it?

I notice there is an Ancient Sunrise for Medium Brunette kit that is half celebration and half indigo.  I know I don't want to be brunette.  Should I try that kit but only use part of the indigo -- say 4 parts celebration and 1 part indigo?  Or something else?


I do want something fairly simple to do and don't want to do a lot of experimentation starting out.


Also, my hair length is to the bottom of my ears, just a little longer.  Would 100g be enough or would I need more?

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Re: Want to henna gray hair

You may want to consider using henna only. Here is Tami's website; her hair has large white streaks and the rest is brown. Check out the striking 2-tone look she is getting by using multiple henna applications: 


Otherwise, yes, 10 to 20% indigo with your henna could be the ticket.

You can always start with a couple hennas and then decide if you want to add indigo or not. If you go with just henna, get the highest dye content you can, and do some longer applications (4 hours or so, or 2 hours with head added from a heat cap or bonnet dryer), at least while you are getting started.


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