Henna and lightning

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Henna and lightning

I decided to take the long route to lighten my hair. I know bleach would be the fastest way to go but I don't want to do that right now.

I have been doing camomille tea, lemon juice and want to try the honey.

Meanwhile my grey are showing and I want to do my roots w/Henna.

Can I do that and keep trying to lighten alternatively?



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Re: Henna and lightning

Chamomile tea will not lighten your hair, lemon juice wont lighten the henna.. it will only dry your hair out. Many people have tried this with very little to no success. I've never had success with honey lightening, personally.


If you do only your roots, you can still lighten your length by whatever means you decide to use. Sticking to just your roots will keep your color lighter.

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