Maintaining Jet Black Color

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Maintaining Jet Black Color

Hi all,

Loving this forum & all the help provided :)

I henna'd my hair for the 1st time yesterday with Season's Dulhan henna.  I didn't realize it was a cheap kind of henna :(  It turned out nice except for the twigs LOL.

I also indigo'd my hair as well and I love, love the color.  How do I keep it this beautiful jet black if I want to continue to henna my hair for the conditioning?  Should I use cassia instead of henna for conditioning?  Will I have to do the entire 2-step henna & indigo process on the entire head or just my roots to keep the color in tact?

Finally, I noticed that I was getting a little dye coloring in my conditioner when I co-washed my hair today.  How long will this continue?

Thanks for your assistance :)

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Re: Maintaining Jet Black Color

You can just do your roots now as long as you don't see your length fading to red. If you do see the red returning, you'll do an all-over treatment again to bring back the black color on your length. You can either just do the indigo again, or do a 2-step. If your hair is dry it might be happier having another treatment of henna before the indigo, but colorwise you'll still get black even if you don't refresh the henna.

I don't know how long the bleeding of indigo dye in the shower will last. If you haven't/don't use shampoo, that could be the reason you're seeing it because you simply didn't get all the indigo dust out of your hair, and a shampoo followed by a vinegar rinse could put a stop to it. Then again it's possible your hair just isn't hanging onto the indigo well this first time and it will continue for a while. It's not entirely predictable - a few people have problems with indigo fading nearly completely on them, while for most of us it either doesn't fade at all, or it fades just the first 1-3 times they use it.

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Re: Maintaining Jet Black Color

Good information here. Just did my first jet black dyeing last week & so far no fading from shampoo. Love that nice jet black color!!

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