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I am hoping to dye my hair brunnette for the second time using henna/indigo/alma mix but this time I'd like to try something other than Oj or Lemon juice. So I narrowed my choices down to three herbal teas Lemon, Orange and Chamomile. I was wondering if anyone could give me insight on which one would work best?

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Re: experimenting

Any acidic liquid is going to work fine for your henna. Chamomile is what I'm personally familiar with but this last time I hennaed, I used a mango passionfruit tea and it worked beautifully.


The tea will cause dye release in about 2 hours, since its warmer now (if you're in the US)... but this last time I hennaed, I had actually partially chilled my tea via a frozen water bottle (it was rather cool to the touch, not cold, but cool) and I got solid, GOOD dye release in an hour. But I also make my henna tea very strong. 3 packets for every cup of water. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but... who knows?



Now, you do know your color will get darker if you do a full head application again, right?

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Re: experimenting

I don't think you'll find a noticeable difference colorwise. Be sure to keep in mind that since they are less acidic than juice, the dye will be released sooner and will demise faster too. A room-temp tea mix will release dye within 2-4 hours, and a warm tea will speed things up even more.

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