Best sealing method?

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Best sealing method?

I was just wondering what everyones prefered sealing method is?  I'm having issues with it.  I have done the lemon juice/sugar water but I find that the design starts to slip off too quickly when I use enough to stop the cracking.  I did try to wrapping method with toilet paper and saran wrap but it made the design not as clear the next day because I think I sweated a bit and it moved around.

I bought some paper tape bandage stuff to try next.  I really don't want to use hairspray or gel or anything I try not to put anything chemical on my body if possible.  And I do like that lemon/sugar mix durring the day because I hate the feeling of being wrapped up so maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Any idea's or what you like I'd love to hear it!



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Re: Best sealing method?

I think you maybe using too much lemon juice/sugar. I don't use enough to stop the cracking I try to spray before it cracks and use just enough to keep it stuck on. However I am an avid Mefix user, I perfer it for private and bridal appointments I use lemon juice/sugar for festivals and guests at parties etc. I've always had a thing about having sticky hands (even as a little kid) so I only use Mefix on myself...or if I run out (still bitter over the Postal strike lol) I used a elastic bandage, the kind you use when you sprain an ankle. Just don't wrap it too tight. I've heard that hair spray/gel reduces the stain but that's just what I've read.

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Re: Best sealing method?

 You may want to try adding more sugar directly to the paste too. this helps it stay more flexible and stick to skin better.

Hair spray is another good seal.

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