Pleeese help too dark!

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Pleeese help too dark!

help please too dark

Posted on: 06/20/2010 09:49 PM

I have used Yemeni henna a few times, because I love the fact that it is organic. I mixed lemon juice to make yogurt consistency, then put in about half the same amt. of cassia.
Well, I love it but it is just TOO DARK! I have about 70% grey, so the Yemeni henna covers that wonderfully, and here is my question: Is there ANY way to lighten it up the next time I henna? I want to cover grey but not have this super dark almost auburn color I have achieved. Help please!

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Re: Pleeese help too dark!

If I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you have been using henna for awhile and the color has become too dark due to layering of the color.  If this is true, then applying to your roots only will prevent further deepening of the color.  Try your usual recipe on your roots only, and if you wish, either leave the ends out, just use a diluted gloss on them, or maybe just straight cassia.

Some people have had luck using honey lightening treatments on henna that has built up.  1 part honey, 6 parts distilled water.  Let sit for an hour, and then apply to damp hair.  Cover head with plastic and process 1 hour.  This may need to be repeated several times to achieve lightening, but it will not cause damage. 

Good luck!

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Re: Pleeese help too dark!

Yeah, it does sound like the color has just built up.

Once you get the color you like with henna, you have to stop doing the length, as the color will  get darker and darker until you have burgundy hair.  (Some people *want* the burgundy, so if you were aiming for that, it would be different.)

The honey-lightening works for some people, but it takes many applications to see results.

  Plain 30 vol. developer (without bleaching powder or color liquid) mixed with shampoo worked for me, as did lemon juice mixed with conditioner.  With both these methods I could see visible lightening with each application.  Coconut oil on the ends prior to applying will go a long way in keeping damage to a minimum. Thirty minutes per application is a good timing for both. 

The same thing happened to me, but with Punjabi Prime.  I look best with a bright copper color, and for a while I had very dark, burgundy red hair which would have looked great...on someone else.  It took some doing to get it back to copper, but it is doable.


Oh--and stop doing dye release with lemon juice.  Use chamomile tea (or som.ething like it).  Lemon juice willl make the henna oxidize into perpetuity.




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Re: Pleeese help too dark!

I know that many people are trying to avoid chemical dyes completely, so, this may not be for you, but...  I mainly want healthy hair that looks good. I really love how henna makes my hair look and feel and it periodically gets pretty dark, so, I pull it (a lot of it!) through a cap and bleach it with 40 volume and one of the bleaches from Sally's that's got a blue type powder and leave it on for an hour. Then - do henna. The henna fixes the bleach for my fine texture hair and the highlites keep it from getting too dark all over. If it turns a little too orange, I do a buxus gloss. Can be a lot of time/steps, but, before I used henna my hair was like straw! Now it's really shiny and the texture is greatly improved - I'm excited to grow it out! Hope this helps!

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Re: Pleeese help too dark!

While that is a fine answer for a lot of people, I'd like to add that you should be careful using bleach or peroxide products over henna. As long as you're using pure henna there won't be any serious problems like green, melting, or exploding hair. However, you may get results that are different that what you'd expect. Henna will hold on to your hair for dear life and chemical lightening products will pull the natural color out of your hair before the henna! This means that the lightened areas will probably have red or copper tones. Its a really good idea to strand test first so you know what you're getting.

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