Does the type of henna you use really make a difference?

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Does the type of henna you use really make a difference?

So I've tested my hairballs over and over again during the past several weeks using some Yemen henna I got at Christmas and then Purity henna. After 4 applications I finally got a color I LOVE. 

So I was all ready to buy about 2 kilos of Yemen henna (I have a lot of hair + I need enough for multiple applications) until I saw the deal they have on Jamila henna at BlackcatRedcat. If I use that henna, even if I didn't test with it, will I still get the same color? Does the type of henna used really make that much of a difference in color? How high is Jamila's dye content as compared to Yemen's?



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Re: Does the type of henna you use really make a difference?

I think its just "Purity", not "Yemen Purity". Any way, yeah the henna you use actually matters. Yemen's dye content is much higher than Jamila's, and with Yemen you always know what you're going to get dye content wise because Lady C has it tested in a lab, but Jamila isnt and it can be all over the map. Sometimes the content is high, sometimes its really poor. Also the shade henna produces varies from one to another slightly. Such as the henna for African has a slightly more amber undertone and the BAQ2 henna from Pakistan tends to stay more orange because it has a rather low dye content.

If you've tested Yemen and you get the color you want, go with Yemen.

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Re: Does the type of henna you use really make a difference?

The type/batch/dye content of henna makes a huge difference if you are fussy about color and want to color your roots.

One brand may go from low to high dye content, even in a single season.  For years, we've heard people saying xxx doesn't cover my roots, xxx has a crummy texture, xxx is fantastic ... and until we started sending batches to the lab, we didn't know why people were getting such a wide range of results from xxx.  Every batch was different.

Henna old wive's tale #1: Fresher is better.  No, not really.  If its a duff crop is still duff if its fresh.

Henna old wive's tale #2: Old henna is worthless.  No, not really .. some of the packaging is good enough that is you've got great climate control in the warehouse, a great crop will stay great for several years. 

Henna old wive's tale #3: Greener is better.  Heck no.  The wierd green stuff has been dyed.

Hennna old wive's tale #4: all boxes under the same name are identical.  Nope.  The lab tests show that's just not the case.

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