Liquid pectin questions

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Liquid pectin questions

Does anybody have any experience using liquid pectin, particularly the Certo brand from the makers of Sure Jell?  How did you use it? like it?    The ingredients list says it has lactic and citric acids; are these maybe not good for someone who's hair and scalp didn't do well using grapefruit juice as the acid for her henna mix (too drying)?  It also contains sodium benzoate as a preservative; is this ingredient a potential problem?  Can this stuff be used to thicken a hendigo?

Thanks in advance for all the answers I hope to get!

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Re: Liquid pectin questions

Indigo can be extremely picky. If your hennigo is coming out too thin, you need to adjust how much liquid you're using in your pastes before you try to add this stuff. You can also use instant pudding mix to thicken, but again indigo is extremely picky and even the most simple of things can cause it to not dye or not dye well.

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Re: Liquid pectin questions


I haven't tried the liquid kind, but I use Sure Jell's powdered pectin for my hendigo and have never had any trouble with the color not taking or fading, even on my grays.  I've tried both, the regular kind in the yellow box, and the "no sugar needed" pectin.  Both work well. 

When using pectin to gel your henna, you want to follow the directions for a soft-set jelly. (I've made my gel with apple, lemon, apple cider, and orange juices, as well as mixes of these.) When the gel is at the consistency you want it, add it to the henna.  Once you've gelled the henna, prepare the indigo (with water) and stir it into the "pectined" henna.  Apply as usual. 

I like the gelled henna and hendigo much better than "straight" much easier to apply, and specially, to rinse!  I don't have to do mermaid soaks or use conditioner to soften it, it simply slips off.  And it doesn't drip while it's on your head.   

I don't know if the citric in it will exacerbate any scalp issues or hair dryness, but most people find apple juice (and white grape juice) gentler, and both make good jellies.  You might want to try either. 

One last thing---gelled henna freezes well, and it has the texture of mousse when it thaws.  Just remember that any indigo in the mix will be inactive the second time around.

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