weird question!!!

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weird question!!!


Summer is here and I was thinking...... can henna be used as a selftanner? Yes... how would you mix it?

Wierd question, sorry ;)


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Re: weird question!!!

Many self tanners have henna in them, but doing it yourself might not be the best idea.  Given the variability of skin thickness, you could come out looking rather giraffe-like.  A few years ago I tried mixing henna with body lotion to see what would happen.  There was a slight color difference after many applications, but it was less even than with commercial self-tanner and required many more applications, so it wasn't any more budget friendly.

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Re: weird question!!!

Don't do it! Blotchy, uneven color is a certainty. Also the color will be pumpkin orange for about two days. The result will SO not be worth spending a couple days looking like an oompa loompa. I promise.

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