Live doll. Case-example: Barbie.

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Live doll. Case-example: Barbie.

Warning - some links to the pictures do contain confusing and provocative pics of... naked dolls.

You all probably know Barbie-Twins? A bit aged (for now) female-twins who do declare that their Barbie-beauty comes all natural and no beauty-surgery was not included. (Paus for smirk...)

Now here is Barbie-Single. Young, from Russia with all plastic love. Absolutely obviously highly modelled and molded by any plastic-surgery procedures possible...

And here are some pictures from one photographer - Alex Sandwell Kliszynski - who has made rather provocative pics of humanized-barbies or barbized-human-beings. Unfortunately his gallery has been removed but here are some overviews I found:
Small gallery of pics.
Gallery-overview of his doll-serie.

Barbie-twins and Russian single-Barbie are women, alive. And they obviously have worked really hard to modify their bodies according to look like a unrealistic plastic doll. Dolls have been firstly to imitate humans and to teach some roles by this. Now dolls have became role-models per se.
Haven't you thought why and when we reached to the point where dolls were not designed close and similar to human-beings but human beings are designing themselves to be closer and more similar to dolls or comics-figures (case of stereotyped gay-men from Tom of Finland's pics).

Isn't life... interesting, with all it's ... oddities?