hendigo does not work for my white hair

Dear all,

I have 90% white hair.  They were chemically dyed to dark brown (my original colour).  I had about 1 cm white roots.  I used 1:1 hendigo.  Which made the white hair light yellow but gave the red highlight to the dark brown.

Then I used henna only to some of the white roots.  It made them orange red.  This proves I mixed the henna right.

I was very reluctant to have to work a 2-step job.   Too troublesome.  So last week I mixed 1 part henna and 2 parts indigo to apply to the white roots.  The result was still not satisfactory - not much effect, white hair still light yellow, dark hair seems darker though. 

So I have no choice but go henna first and indigo seperately.  Yesterday I did it.  I did it to all the roots.  Henna made them very red.  Even my scalp was red, which is not desirable because it shows due to my thin hair on top of my head.  After rinsing out the henna, I applied the indigo for an hour.  Still indigo seems has not much effect.  It tone down the red a bit.  Now the white is orange brown or brownish orange. Still quite distinct from the chemical dyed dark brown hair on my head.  

One good thing is, it took out some of the red on my scalp.  Otherwise I dare not go out. 

I still don't understand why hendigo only make my white hair light yellow or blonde.  Where did the orange red or blue black go?  I still reluctant to go 2-step.  'Indigo only' really make a mess.  

I will keep trying.   Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Something is going on with your mix or how you're applying it. Talk us through everything from start to finish. How you mix everything, how you apply. Are you covering your hair once its on? Neither can dye properly if it dries out. Is your hair freshly washed? Are you using conditioner at all?

Henna followed by indigo for an hour should make your hair BLACK. Not blue black, black cat black. Blue black is impossible to get.


That having been said, I'm thinking its something to do with your indigo... it sounds like its not working properly. How are you mixing it? Are you letting it sit at all?

Could be dead indigo. Wet a white paper towel and put a pinch of indigo on it. If blue or green color begins to wick away from the powder into the wet towel, you're good. If its yellow or no color at all, your indigo is toast.

I used warm water and a teaspoon of salt to mix the indigo into a paste. Then I did the preparation (applied Vaseline, sectioned the hair etc) for about 10-15 minutes before applying the paste to my just-washed-out-henna damp hair. After finished, I wrapped my hair with the food cling wrap, put on a shower cap, wrapped with a towel. Wait for an hour then washed with conditioner. This is how I did with the indigo.
As advised, I put a pinch of indigo powder on a wet white paper towel. The green powder stayed there. No blue color seen. No wick away seen. I put some drops of water on top. Some green powder hit by the drop and spread, but not a ‘wick away’.  Still the same color.  Sounds like my indigo is dead?
But when I applied the indigo paste to my hair two days ago, many bits dropped down the floor and basin, they stained blue, although they can be cleaned up easily.  Would the indigo powder be dead and still got some blue stain?
Thank you so much for your help.

Your indigo sounds weakened, it should have wicked some color onto the paper towel. When it stains something at my house, it doesn't wash away easily (or at all). I would try again with some new indigo.