My Henna Discovery

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My Henna Discovery

Hello fellow henna lovers.  I would like to let you all know how pleased I am to discover henna.  First off, my hair is a mixture of types 3a, 3b and 3c in various areas.  I was noticing more grey hairs and I said to myself " I do not want to use dyes, becasue I heard people having lots of issues with allergies to it and also hair loss".  So I started googling on natural hair dyes and I came across, after a long search.  There were/are many great information on the website and I was convinced to order my henna from this website after 3 weeks of contemplation about henna.  I order 5oog of the rajasthani henna.  I was so nervous when I got the product and was quite hesitant to use it.  But I started lurking on this forum to see what everyone was saying, and how you were all mixing the product, and with what items being used. 

In July I mixed 200g of henna.  I used aloe vera juice because I learned that this was very good for hair from my elders.  Aloe vera juice is also the perfect acidity for hair.  I usually take a stalk of aloe vera, cut in half and rub it throughout my hair; it makes hair noticeably stronger.  Anyways, I used aloe vera juice to mix this batch of henna, placed it in a clear plastic bowl with a lid and sat overnight; at this point my hair was washed and clean with no oils.  The next morning I placed the henna throughout, leaving about 1/3 out of the mixture.  I placed the rest in the freezer.  Afer leaving the henna in my hair overnight, I washed the henna out the next morning with lots of water, then with conditioner (lots of it; I used no shampoo).  The result was that my hair was soo strong, the strands were noticeably stronger when I did a "snap" test.  However, it was really, really dry.  And this is how it was over the next three months.  I did everything in my powers and what others were suggesting from this website to get it moisturized; but it was taxing and still dry. 

Now. on October 8th 2011.  I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo known as Kinky curly come Clean organic and I noticed my hair was so soft afterwards.  After the shampoo then conditioning I put aloe vera juice on my hair then lots of Flax Seed oil.  The following day or 24 hours later I had an idea.  I thawed the remaining henna from my freezer, and started putting the henna all over my hair (forgetting to use gloves in my excitement, lol).  I then left the henna on after putting 4 clear shower caps on my hair, then I went to bed.  The henna was on about 15 hours.  I then rinsed it all out, shampooed this time with "hello Hydration" (it has lots of slip), then conditioned it with Hello Hydration.  OMG, lafies and hair was not dry.  I couldn't believe it.  The henna took so well on my hair and it is sooo strong.  My hair is black, so yea i can't see the color, except where the small amount of greys were. 

So, I found my gist to making my henna.  My curls are so defined now, strong and awesome and my hair is quite moisturized.  I was sooo afraid it it would have turned out like the first time.  I will only clarify my hair a day or two before hennaing my hair.  And I think the flax seed oil helped a whole lot, that was placed on the day before the henna.  I am so happy!!  I always rinse my hair and leave in aloe vera juice.  Flax seed oil I keep in the refrigerator.  I get the aloe juice and flax oil from Whole foods.

Thanks everyone for reading this big wall of text.  LOL.


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Re: My Henna Discovery

 Thanks for sharing your story! The perfect routine is different for everybody. I'm sure you helped someone find theirs!

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