Wow this is heavy!

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Wow this is heavy!

So I've been in my saran wrapped head for almost an hour now

WOW this stuff is so heavy!! and feels very warm all wrapped up on my head!

Phew am I just being a big baby here, I dont think I'll make 3 hours!

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Re: Wow this is heavy!

Its harder if you have a towel over the saran wrap, I've found. When I switched from a towel to a beanie, it was a lot easier.


You can also pin a towel to a pillow and lay down to take a nap or watch a movie - it'll help.

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Re: Wow this is heavy!

Same idea as above, I wear a fleece skull cap (or a knit ski cap) that fits very snug and is considerably lighter than a towel.  Balancing a towel on my head makes my neck hurt!  However, if you have very long hair, it'll be heavy no matter what you do--the length and volume of the moist hair itself plus the amount of henna you need to cover it combine to make a very heavy topper.  Taking a nap would be a great choice!

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Re: Wow this is heavy!

 Having a henna head is a great excuse to kick back and watch a movie!

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