What is your sex... or gender... or... what are you? Who are you?

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What is your sex... or gender... or... what are you? Who are you?

I just watched one really interesting documentary on local tv-channel - Regretters (Angrarna).

This is a movie about two ... human beings who are now in their 60ies and who were probably in 60ies in Sweden one of the firsts who had transsexuality diagnose and were operated into women. And then... it was not very much what they hoped it to be.
So one of them had operation that fully recovered everything and is now... human-being as he declares. Not a man or a woman. 'I am myself. I am me.'  Another has this operation ahead and he is hoping to get him again.
It is very touching and moving discussing film about being. Being a man. Or a woman. Or a human being, from the third sex, something between or... beyond. How did it feel. How does it feel.

Here is a short introduction and trailer: http://www.atmo.se/film-and-tv/regretters/

Here is an interview with the director and same trailer:

And here is one blog-commentary:

If you have a chance to see it - I googeled and seems it was in cinemas all over the US - I would warmly recommend.
Beautiful, sensitive, fragile, painful, regretting, admiring, warm film about being. Being what you are.