picking a henna

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picking a henna

I have been using Lush Caca Rouge for about a year and a half. I am thinking on switching to BAQ. The problem I have been having is that my color is getting too pink. I realize this is probably because I have done my whole head too often. I have been trying to do just the roots the past few times. I find I have to henna every 6-8 weeks minimum to cover new growth and the greys.

I dont want the pinky red/burgundy shade. I prefer the coppery red which suits my coloring better. I dont know which BAQ henna would be best.

For reference, my hair is a light/med brown that naturally has copper/gold tones. I have maybe 10% grey.

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Re: picking a henna

It sounds like you would want a lower dye content henna like Jamila 2009 or Yemen Light.

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