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I successfully henna'd my eyebrows while doing my root touch up. Last time, the henna dried up and I couldnt find a way to get the saran wrap to cover my eyebrows and not blind me at the same time. This time, I found a way to  manipulate the cling wrap. Glopped it on and wrapped it up. They turned out lovely! And match my hair perfectly.  There was a faint orange stain on my skin, but a quick post-dye exfoliation removed the skin stain.

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Re: Eyebrows

wow thanks for your post I know they're not allowed to encourage this method here so it's cool to have feedback from someone who's tried...and successed ! what colour were your eyebrows ? I'd like to do mine but I don't really know how, end they are very dark... also I've been unable to find eyebrow pencil with coppery undertone !

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