Newbie needing advice...

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Newbie needing advice...

Hello all. I am new to henna. After many cycles of chemical red fading, becoming frustrated and covering with black, only to get bored and bleach to blonde until upkeep was too hard from damage, causing me to try red again, I decided my hair and I needed a chemical divorce. I bought Mountain Light Natural in "bright red" from a local health food store. I followed all the directions, mixing with lemon juice and having sit overnight. When I applied it, I was a bit impatient, so I only let it sit an hour and a half before rinsing. The color was a bright orangey copper, as I expected, which oxidized within two days to an amazing, almost exactly as I wanted red.


After the damage in my hair, I decided to do another full-head application the following month, but I didn't like how gritty the first brand was, so I went with henna from After reading the descriptions, I went with Yemen light. I mixed it with lemon juice, but also used chamomile tea, paprika and turmeric as advised in a recipe on here to intensify the copper. I didn't add any indigo, though. I got dye release, then the  strand test went great, but a few things happened with application. First, I got stuck at a relative's house for a lot longer than I expected with henna in my hair. Second, I rinsed at her house. I wasn't worried about leaving the henna in a little longer than before because I read all over that the longer it is left in, the more intense it becomes. 8 hours later, under her bathtub faucet, not mine, I rinsed. I rinsed for at least twenty minutes. I used conditioner and rinsed more, then shampooed, then conditioned again. When my hair dried, it had almost no red or orang or copper. It was actually several shades darker brown with greenish ends. Showering and soaking in the bath have left rinse water green, too. As it oxidizes it is getting darker and less red. I'm really bummed out. I don't like my hair this dark, and no one likes awful green brown haircolor shades...


I'm not sure if the time reversed the red, or if her water quality was the culprit. I understand this result isn't reversible, but what can I do in the future to keep copper and cut the green? Anyone had a similar result?

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Re: Newbie needing advice...

 It sounds like hard water to me and if it is it IS reversable! You need to get yourself a mineral build up remover treatment! We have one called rainwash, but if you don't want to wait for shipping you can go to the beauty supply store and pick one up. If it is mineral build up the green/mucky brown will go away with the treatment. You might have just the color you're looking for under there.

Antother note: when you have a color you like, don't henna over it anymore! It will only get darker and darker after a point. There's sort of a scale of color with henna that starts at copper when there's s little dye, moves to the more vibrant reds, then goes on to darker auburn tones with more dye is present. If you're have a color you really dig and want more conditioning use cassia instead.

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