Shady? Henna opinions please

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Shady? Henna opinions please

 Hi guys,

I have a quick question. I just scored an event for this week but I am out of henna and there isn't enough time to order online. I live in a pretty small town but we do have a middle eastern grocers and someone clued me in that they have henna powder.

I went today and got a brand called Anila that I have never heard of before. I sifted it and it looks and smells like henna but I mixed it with lemon juice (cuz I'm simple like that) and in the process got some on my hand and it's already stained?


Is that weird? I have never seen an immediate stain like that. I didn't even add a terp? It's orange like a henna stain would be, but I'm still kind of shaded out. Opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Shady? Henna opinions please

 It COULD happen. I'm far less worried about an immediate orange stain that I would be if it were red, brown, or worst of all black, right away. Its possible that it is perfectly natural and safe, but I have no real way to be sure!

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