Cutting a cake?

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Cutting a cake?

It took me a while to find how to headline this topic... So let it be rather descriptive.
And video I will add shows only people cutting and eating cake. However I found it really shocking.

There is an interesting case in Sweden right now:
Last weekend some artsist made a performacne in a Stockholm Modern Art Museum to celebrate a World Art Day. Artist had declared they also wanted to draw attention to the problem of female circumcision. However - they found a really... interesting way to do it. They made a cake in a shape of Venus of Willendorf and started to cut it open from vagina. Cake had live-head that screamed to very cut. Swedish minister of culture participated and cut cake and later fed screaming head from her plate.
As you can see from video clip it was found rather amusing and funny way:

The average age of FGM is 3-13 which is NOT the age of Venus of W. Lots of mutilated girls do not even reach to that age, they die, bldeeing to death or having infections.

The body of Venus of W. is always being a symbol so for average knowledge it probably has almost no actual meaningful relations to human female body anymore. I think people who cut this cake hardly even understood what they were doing. Symbols do not bleed while cutting and donät die due to infections.
Screaming head - I think it belonged to a man...
However - Makode Aj Linden is artist who lives in Sweden and originates from Africa, in this article there is his picture:

Do you think these people really do understand what FGM actually means?
How far one can go with 'trying to push limits and draw attention'?
Why people notice only the racist part of this event and do not get the point of violence against children?
What if instead of Venus of W. there would have been a cake in a shape of a real pre-teen girl?

I think I have rather good tolerance to different things but that was too much for me.
Have you ever thought were are your limits of toleration, acception and cultural relativism?