Henna just with hot water ?

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 Hello, i am new to the site and the forum, i have noticed that everybody adds lemon juice to the henna and lets it sit overnight or longer, however i use Henna, just with hot water and i get excellent results !

My mother does the same , i learned from her. 

i used to dye my hair blond, chemically ! and my hair was in very bad shape, then i decided to go red, and first i started with  chemical dyes, but the color would fade and i had to color my hair  more often than when i was blond , untill i tried henna, its been almost a year and you can tell that the ends are not in a great shape as the rest of the hair. Also the color , where it still was chemically dyed is tooo red, 

i cant find the hena i used to use in Argentina, so i was checking the website ,and ordered some samples .

i was looking to buy the auburn henna, because the hair tends to be too reddish , and i would like it more brownish ( auburn like) 

Any suggestions as to which one i should buy , the twilight, the raj etc ) and should i mix it with anything else ?


Thanks for your help and for the forum i got a lot of answers ,




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