Need Advise Please

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Need Advise Please


I am hoping you can help me...I am looking for henna that covers
'resistant' greys (these greys cover my entire roots and about 3
inches into the 'ends' of my hair); on 'African/American hair' (type
3C/4A), that is not 'thick' but I have a lot of VERY frizzy, curly,
wavy, layered waist length, very fragile and has been dyed for
approximately 30 years (off and on, recently more on, every month to
cover greys on the roots).

I do have uneven dye through out my entire hair.  My natural hair
color is dark brown; my dyed color is black, dark brown, and ALL
shades of uneven browns and grey/silver roots...  (disaster).

Because of my greys, my goal is to have my greys covered as natural as
possible, with as little chemicals as possible, and for my entire hair
to be one color with natural looking highlights.

I do use (I have to) lots of natural oils, such as shea butter, olive
oil, almond oil, etc., 100 percent of the times to tame the frizzes
and curls.

Boring but hopefully helpful descriptions:  I wear my hair 'natural',
not relaxed and usually do not blow-dry.  Chlorinated swimming pools
are not for me, but I do swim in them once in a while, and beaches are
very rare to attend.  I am 45 years old (most people think I am 39/40), Hispanic, with light olive
skin, dark brown hair and green eyes.  I live near Phoenix, AZ (VERY
arid weather), do TaeKwonDo almost everyday and wash my hair very
often.  I hope all this information helps with your recommendations.

So!  Any recommendations?

MANY thanks in advance,

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Re: Need Advise Please

 I would try rajasthani twilight. It will give auburn on grays. If you want it darker add some indigo -about 50/50 for medium brunette.

I would avoid the hennas labeled for African and Delicut hair for now. Both of them are very low in dye content and won't cover your grays well. They're chosen for their small particle size wich makes rinsing easier for delicate or curly hair, but Twilight has nearly as fine of a particle size and WILL cover your gray.

Henna will very likely improve the texture of your hair too, making it much more managable naturally!

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