Henna turning brown/fading quickly

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Henna turning brown/fading quickly

Hey everyone. I've hennaed my hair a total of 3 times in the last 3 months and just cannot seem to keep it from washing out and turning my roots brown. I naturally have "dishwater" strawberry blonde hair and the henna is just not the bright red I want. It's a nice coppery orange but the color is literally gone within a week. I've tried three different kinds of henna from this site, adding lemon juice to some, water to others, and am very careful about the process. Usually leave it on under a shower cap for 5 hours. I only use Wen as shampoo so it's nothing harsh. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Henna turning brown/fading quickly

Keep in mind that henna oxidizes down over a period of a week, developing brownish tones and will not stay that bright orange of the first 48 hours or so. Depending on the henna and how strong it is, 5 hours pretty much guarantees auburn (brownish red).


Chances are what you are seeing is not it washing out but oxidizing like it should. Also, if its becoming literally brown-brown, you could have a hard water issue. This can be fixed by using a mineral build up remover like Rainwash from mehandi.com or Ion from Sally's Beauty Supply.

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