Covering grays with cassia and henna?

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Covering grays with cassia and henna?

 Is it posible to cover gray well with a cassia-henna mix?  I have about 20% gray, and don't want to over darken my hair (which happens with the highest dye content hennas). But the low dye content ones don't cover gray as well. I want a warm color result overall. 

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Re: Covering grays with cassia and henna?

Have you tried cassia before? Its dye is quite light yellow. Not sure if it will do a lot on your grays, if low dye content henna does not. (Have you tried and failed to cover your gray with low dye content henna?) In a cassia/henna mix, cassia is basically diluting the henna so it's similar to using a lower dye content henna.

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