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Post henna hair care

So I ordered my henna and my indigo (Yay!) and before I apply it I was wondering: how should I care for my hair after its been hendigo-ed? I know henna is more resistant to fading than commercial hair dye but should I switch to color treated shampoo/conditioner nonetheless? At the grocery store today I found a shampoo and conditioner set that contained no cones/ sulfates. Should I use that instead? Right now I use the herbal essence line, the light blue one specially formulated for dry hair.




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Re: Post henna hair care

With henna you don't need any special shampoo or conditioners. Your hair may not be as happy with your usual routine but often you can just go simpler... eliminating conditioner, for example, or switching to shampoo bars which are basically soap, instead of the detergents in commercial shampoos.

Indigo can fade somewhat the first time or two you use it. I'm not sure if a special shampoo for dyed hair will make any difference or not as far as that goes, but it wouldn't hurt. Once your indigo is sticking well, though, that will no longer be a concern ... indigo won't budge once it decides it's staying put :)

Cones and sulfates are a matter of personal preference ... you can't really generalize and say they're "bad" for hair treated with plant dyes. My hennaed hair was quite happy with plain old sulfate shampoos when henna was the only dye I was using. Now I've used some bleach and developer as well as henna, and I need my conditioner. Cones are nice too sometimes! You can just try things and see what makes your hair happiest. If you're also trying to grow your hair long, though, gentler is better.

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