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graduation event

Hi all,

Perhaps this is discussed elsewhere but quick question...

Has anyone done a type of event where you might charge hourly? Someone asked me to do a graduation I'm guessing she won't want guests to pay for their own henna...usually for out -of-festival events (personal parties) I've just had people paying for their own and it was well worth my time. What about something like this? At a market I've been making around $50/hr., give or take, but i'd hate to charge that and then have few people get henna, ya know?



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Re: graduation event

I always charge an hourly rate for parties.  Some people charge per hand but I find an hourly rate works out best for both parties.  The client doesn't have to worry about how much it costs and I know I am getting paid what I am worth.

Check out what your local message therapist, acupuncturist are making and add additional time for travel. Also keep in mind your skill level.

For example message therapist charge about $100 here.  Then I add an additional $25 for travel.  That is how I came up with my hourly rate. I do also have a two hour minimum.  This is what I charge everyone.  Also check out what local henna artist are charging and match or increase that price.  

For example, if you have to travel 20 miles  to this appointment.  Plus you have about $10 in supply fees. And you are there for just one hour you are just making only $20.  Considering the time preparing, corresponding, traveling and cleaning up after an event it comes to about $6 an hour. Then on top of that you have to pay taxes. This doesn't include all your additional costs for maintaining a business: advertising, business cards, website, computer...the list goes on.

It sound's like a lot to charge but in reality if you want to grow a business don't be afraid to charge what you are worth. It is hard to raise your prices after you are established. Also keep in mind your location.  I am in the Baltimore-DC area.  

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Re: graduation event

What you charge per hour should reflect how quickly you work and the quality of your work.  I can knock out a silver dollar size design in about a minute and a half, start to finish, and the quality of my work is good.  I charge $75 per hour for parties.  This also reflects what my local market will support.  Is this a private graduation party, or one sponsored by the school?  How many people are expected at the party?  Will everyone at the party be expecting henna?  Be sure you are realistic with them about how many people you can henna in the time that they are hiring you for.  If there will be a lot of people, take a book of smaller designs that can be done within 5 minutes or less.  It may be to your advantage to hire a booth babe for the occasion.  She can answer questions, prep skin, manage the line, etc... while you have your head down hennaing.  

Hope this helps, have fun! 

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