auburn henna vs. Cassia blonde

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auburn henna vs. Cassia blonde

I have been using the twilight rajasthani and celebration henna prior to the twilight.. for about 2yrs. now and my hair is dark auburn I do it every 2 weeks. if I choose to go to a blonde cassia color mix here in the future how often do I need to use that type of mix ? my hair under all of this is extremely light blonde and white grey mixed. My hair is over 3ft. long I use the twilight rajasthani because of it's coverage and staying power just curious if I went to the blonde cassia mix I know it would be possibly more of a strawberry blonde. just want to know how it's going to last on the hair the time frame it lasts. thankyou Cactus.....

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Re: auburn henna vs. Cassia blonde

Are you thinking of using cassia by itself, or cassia with some henna mixed in? 

Cassia by itself only gives a very light blonde color on grays and it will fade a bit in about 3-4 weeks. Not completely. You can use it again as often as you like though (some use it monthly) and the color will deepen to a more yellow shade of blonde. It can even become brassy looking (yellow-orange) on some people with frequent use. You can play it by ear and see how often you want to use it for your desired color, without approaching the brassy stage.

For example, if you have a little fading but want to reapply for conditioning purposes on the length at the same time you are touching up roots, you could apply to roots first for 2 hours, and then (without rinsing your roots) apply some more to the length for the final hour of your 3-hour roots application. That way you get a little color and conditioning on the length without adding TOO much color.

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