Medium Brown Hair advice

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Medium Brown Hair advice

Hey! I'm looking into Henna for the first time. I used to use commercial dyes constantly for about 10 years, but it's been 3 years since I dyed, and have been consistantly chopping my hair since then, so it's dye-free.  Currently, my hair looks like this. I'd ideally like to shoot for a coppery-auburn, Something like Elina from (this is embarrassing) America's Next Top Model.

I have samples on the way of Punjabi Pride and Pakistani 2. Any other suggestions? I know it'll be tough to get my hair that coppery, given that it's as dark as it is already, but I really would rather avoid going into Burgundy or Flame territory.

Since I'm not looking to darken, should I use just a little bit of lemon juice? Recipe advice needed! And I'm going to strand test with the samples, so don't worry about your advice causing me to do something awful to my head.



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Re: Medium Brown Hair advice

As dark as your hair is, I don't think you have to worry about Flame. Burgundy will happen, though, if you build up the color by doing henna enough times, so once you get to a color you like, switch to just touching up your roots.

I think the 2 hennas you chose are good for what you have in mind. You may need to do them several times to get as intense a color as you want, and possibly you'll need to lighten your hair a little, but I bet you won't need to. You can try henna first and see how it goes. If you find you want a lighter/brighter color you can do honey lightening or use developer on your hair to lift some of your natural color and let the henna color show more.

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