Q & A "Is there a way to make the filtered HTML format stay as your default way to enter text?"

There are several options for ordering the display of the posts. This morning, I made change that should help make the sequence more clear.

The posts now display as "collapsed threads." This means that when you open a thread you see links to the posts with responses indented below the "parent" posts. This change should help make the relationship between comments easier to track.

Also, I've added a module to the forum that uses the "Re:" style of default comment subject lines, so the forum won't arbitrarily use a fragment from the comment as the subject line.


Collapsed threads look nice and tidy but I really prefer expanded ones.

When I'm responding to questions, I need to scan and see the whole thread for advice already given and how the discussion has progressed thus far.

A scheme that involves fewer mouse clicks is also highly appreciated :)

I wasn't having any trouble following the relationship between the comments since they're indented.

.... and finally .... I LOVE the new default input format, line/paragraph breaks are working great!

How is everybody feeling about font size? It's a little small for eyes over 40, I feel  :)

I would still prefer to have replies (nested below the post they're replying to) in chronological order, not newest on top.