Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

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Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

I would love to use henna to loosen my curl, but I don't want to dye my hair is that possible??  From what I have read the dye in henna is not released unless you use henna for 3 hours or more.  I am completely natural(curl pattern 3c/4A) but I do have highlights in my hair (there's no telling what color my hair might turn :/.  I also read the Henna Supreme with Alma is great for no color release??  My natural hair color is a dark brown I would like my hair to stay in that color range...Any help or information would be greatly appreciated, Nona Rose 

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Re: Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

There is no such thing as getting the benefit of henna without the dye - they go hand in hand. Henna paste will release some dye very quickly simply from your body heat, although for maximum dye release you would let it sit a certain length of time (ranging from 0 for a water mix to 12-24 hours or more for an acidic mix) before you apply it.

If  your hair is black, the dye won't show except in bright sunlight or when you're backlit. If your hair is lighter than that, it will show - it will be orange red on lighter hair, dark reddish brown on dark brown hair.

I'm not familiar with Henna Supreme. I see something by that name being sold on Amazon, is that what you are referring to? I would never assume that henna will give no color, though. Henna's dye is quite potent and extremely permanent.

Cassia is another plant dye that is very light in color and will not change the color of dark brown hair. It's not "just like" henna but might offer you some of the benefits. I haven't heard that it's especially known for loosening curl though.

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Re: Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

try this. not pure henna but relaxed my kinks and frizz.


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Re: Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

The fact that it specifically says it will NOT change hair color makes me think its probably not henna cause even if you follow the directions (apply to towel dried (damp) hair, warm with hair dryer and wrap with a towel for 10 minutes)  you would still get SOME color from real henna, not much but some. If it was real henna it would probably make a blond into a weak tinted strawberry/orange blond.

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Re: Henna to Loosen Curl Pattern but not for Color??

Hi, I've used that henna placenta hair mask before. it didn't change my hair color at all. My mom used to use it religiously on her chemically bleached blonde hair (to try & repair it) and it didn't affect her color either :) made it softer though! wish they had the ingredients listed! I think there's a bunch of oils in it. synthetic and others...cones? probably.

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