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suggestions PLEASE!

Hi -

I would like to color my collar-length hair a medium brown with auburn and poss gold highlights (like it used to look).  I currently have medium brown hair with grey roots and ends which were colored medium brown and bleached out to almost blond.  I was going to use a 2/3 henna and 1/3 indigo mix, but 1) don't know if that will cover the roots and 2) don't know if the bleached-out ends will look too red.  

Any suggestions for what mixture to use (henna 1rst, then indigo or henna and indigo or henna and indigo and cassia)?  Will I probably need to apply it more than once?  Should I add cassia?  How much would you suggest I order so that I have enough but don't need to store a lot of left-overs?

Thank you in advance for your help -



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Re: suggestions PLEASE!

The previously colored/bleached hair will likely take up more indigo than your virgin gray, or any of your virgin hair for that matter. I'm inclined to think that doing a first step with just henna might "even the playing field" some, in that regard, so you'd be sure to get better indigo uptake on your gray.

To give you some ideas, here are a couple threads where Megumi shows how she treats gray with henna and indigo in different combinations, different timing, depending on starting color/desired color:[]=11192[]=11178


You sound like you want a redder shade (brown with red highlights) so maybe your second step would have more henna than indigo (unlike the people Megumi posted about). Or you could try a 1-step hendigo first, if you wanted to, and in that case I would start with a 50/50 mix for a warm reddish brown on your gray. Strand testing would be a really good idea since you have a fairly specific idea about what you want!

One thing you should be aware of ... if you use indigo, you can't bleach that hair in the future (or use chemical dyes in a lighter color) or you'll get green hair (simply because indigo doesn't come out with bleach, but the rest of the color will).

For collar-length hair I think 150 gm total (for each step of a 2-step) will be enough for sure. Probably 100 gm will be more than enough but it depends on your hair thickness.

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