Gloss vs. Cassia/Henna mix?

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I just did some more samples.  I like both the gloss and the Cassia/Henna mixes.  Which would cover grays better?

Also, I used apple juice this time instead of lemon juice.  Hair seems much less dry but I was wondering if I choose to use tea instead when I do my entire head would the only change be the dye release time?  Dye uptake into the hair should be the same...yes?  Just thinking that maybe tea would make the hair even a little less dry feeling.  I have fairly crispy hair to begin with :)

If I use tea...will the cassia and henna release dye at the same time?  I found that today with my apple juice that I had dye release with the henna 1 hour into it.  I waited for another hour and decided it was a strong enough dye release in the henna so I did my samples.  I'm assuming it will be even faster if I use tea but will it be the same for the cassia?  I know it's fairly impossible to test for dye release with cassia so I just hoped that it was ready when the henna was.

Thanks again.  Hopefully this will be my last set of samples and I can get going :)

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Re: Gloss vs. Cassia/Henna mix?

Some people on the LHC forum report better gray coverage when using something acidic for their henna dye release, like water with a splash of lemon juice or some amla or a little citric acid. I'm not sure how tea would compare but my guess is it's a little less acidic than apple juice. I think apple juice would be acidic enough.

I haven't noticed a difference in gray coverage using henna gloss vs cassia/henna mix, but my gray isn't particularly dye resistant so far.