Help! Did it sit too long?

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Help! Did it sit too long?

So I mixed apple juice, one lemon and my celebration henna and left for work.  I came home and it is brown (which I think means dye release) but it doesn't stain my hand very dark with the one minute test.  It's been about nine hours--is that too long with apple juice?  Should I wait or use it now?  Is it dying or is it just now developing?

It is all one color, with no difference between the top and bottom layers.  It wasn't very hot today--only like 70.   

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Re: Help! Did it sit too long?

I would tuck it in the fridge, but with that much lemon juice in the mix (roughly a couple tablespoons, right?), I'd say 9 hours just wasnt long enough.


You have to remember that the more acidic you make the mix, the longer its going to take. Apple juice alone takes 6 - 8 hours normally, though one gal reported two hours and another reported 3 when kept fairly warm.


If its night where you are, put it in the fridge for the night and test for dye release in the morning. If you have nothing, take it out and let it come up to room temp and test again. If still nothing, then dye release might of passed but I have a hard time buying that.

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