new user w/red coily natural!

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new user w/red coily natural!
  • I came across this intriguing subject of dying natural hair w/ henna is better for your hair especially if moisture is what you need. I just went natural a year ago and let a friend experiment on my hair and now its bright red with some bronze tint..I want to keep up the color until fall and I just want to know whats the best kind of henna for tight coily hair came to my shoulders (before the cut) when straightened but it only looks about 2-3 inches long in its natural form. Where can I get good henna and what kind of conditioner should i mix with it??
  • I'm open to all suggestions, just looking for what works best for me.!
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Re: new user w/red coily natural!

Hi teal2010, (who sponsors this forum) has a very finely sifted henna that they call Henna for African Hair. Its fine sift makes it the easiest to rinse out of tightly coiled hair or even locs.

There are many choices for conditioner, but what some people do (and curynikki, one of our forum moderators recommends this) is mix henna with warm green tea and a spoonful of honey, apply for several hours, and then after the henna treatment is rinsed out you apply a deep conditioning treatment. You can find more details about her method on her website. Here is her henna tutorial:

You will also find a recent post where she describes how she does a henna gloss (henna mixed with conditioner).

Henna by itself is strengthening but not moisturizing, and in fact it may increase your need for moisture treatments, which can be done after the henna is rinsed out.

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