Does Henna loosen curl????? HELP ME PLEASE

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Does Henna loosen curl????? HELP ME PLEASE
I want to use Ancient Sunrise Rajasthani Twilight soon Does henna loosen curl pattern after one application? If yes, will my hair ever revert back to its original curl pattern?
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Re: Does Henna loosen curl????? HELP ME PLEASE
Usually it takes multiple applications to see curl loosen. If you don't want to take the risk, adding some amla is a preventative measure. Use 25 g amla per 100 g henna. Then just be careful to evaluate after each application, to see if you feel your curl has changed. If it has, just stop or do root only applications. Its not something that happens suddenly at once. Its a gradual process.
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Re: Does Henna loosen curl????? HELP ME PLEASE
I've seen reports of some curl returning in a matter of months after the last henna. I wouldn't go so far as to say this would happen for everyone who loses curl. Using amla along can help revive lost curl to some degree.

Definitely do roots-only-applications for maintenance, as Jen suggests, if loosening of curl isn't something you desire!
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Re: Does Henna loosen curl????? HELP ME PLEASE
In my experience, it didn't loose them the very first time (they seemed indeed even more curly), but at the 2nd - 3rd application the difference was noticeable. They took me long time to retourn to the original curls, after 6 months from the last application they were still quite straight
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Which brand did you use?? I

Which brand did you use?? I want ti know  use of which brand lets to curl pattern loss.

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Everyone's hair is different.

Everyone's hair is different. Some people never lose curls others lose them right away, some are in between. Using amla in the mixture and just sticking to root applications can help!

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