lightening up henna'd hair

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lightening up henna'd hair
would like to lighten up a bit. have been using henna for over a year now, only doing entire head once and doing a gloss every once in a while.  the red was beautiful in the beginning but now is darker than I would like.  if I use amla with the henna, would that give me a lighter, fresher red? if not, what could I do? also, would I do the entire head all over again with the mixture?   in the beginning it was such a beautiful color but now just looks dark and drab.  ??????
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Re: lightening up henna'd hair
Adding amla wouldn't lighten the color at all - it may darken your color result just slightly.  Adding more henna to your length will make add more red tones and thus make it darker still.

You can lighten your hair with bleach or if you prefer a slower gentler method, you can try honey lightening (see the Long Hair Community for instructions). Then don't put more henna on the length, and just touch up your roots as they grow in.  You can switch to a 50/50 cassia/henna mix if you want a lighter shade of red but use this only on your roots because the henna in there WILL make your length darker - all plant dyes will build up to darker color with repeated use.
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