Important things in life: food and grandmas

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Important things in life: food and grandmas
Found this lovely photo-set about grandmas and food they make:

My father-side grandma was always praised for her pancakes, pickled mushrooms (going to forest with her and picking mushrooms was part of a joy) and meat-jelly.

My mother-side grandma baked a lot.
Her specialities were fried things: donkey-ears, stork-nests and pig-fangs. Everyone has a little bit different dough and a way of cutting and folding, all were fried in oil and richly covered with sugar-powder.
Long-ones with twists are pig-fangs, more square-shaped in top were called stork-nests.
She also made nut-shaped cookies with fillings and mushroom-shaped cookies she coloured with sugar-frost. I am still amaze how workful the processes of making those things were but she bakes a lot.

Which reminds me - I have to call her tomorrow and ask (again) for stork-nests recipe. It is criminally sugary and fatty like hell but tastes like... like childhood. :)

What were your grannies' specialities?