Can I do it by myself

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Can I do it by myself

I have pretty thick hair that is medium-upper back length and want to use henna on my hair. But I usually do not have someone to help, is it even realistic to attempt it by myself?

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Re: Can I do it by myself

You can definitely do it yourself!  Most of us do. I just take handfuls of paste and smush/stroke it into strands of my hair and then pile them on top of my head. Then wrap it up and clean up the green goo you dripped/flung around. At least it doesn't stain surfaces as easily as chemical dyes!

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Re: Can I do it by myself

I would apply it to damp hair and section your hair off if you can. Would make it easier. Damp hair helps the henna spread through if you miss spots. You may want to think about taping down some trash bags on the floor. You dont HAVE to, but you can if you're worried about a mess.

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Re: Can I do it by myself

It is easy to smoosh it when you are doing a full head app.... but when you are doing roots? I know there are lots of folks that do it alone. My loving hubby helps me. Has for years. Even when I did box dyes he did the back so nothing new for him.  [though now he has to approve the consistency of the henna before I apply to make sure it isn't too think]. 

And of course, he reminds me that he is a saint for doing it... "...shut up!" he says.  "How many husbands do this?" [when I complain he isn't putting it on thick enough... or he missed a spot.... or he's pulling my hair....]

My point is, I couldn't imagine doing my roots by myself. But, maybe I am in the minority.

- Dani

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Re: Can I do it by myself

MY hair is waist length, it takes practice but no-one has ever helped me apply my henna ;)

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