henna drying hair out suggestions please

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henna drying hair out suggestions please
Hi there, I have been mixing my henna with cassia, water and lemon juice to aid in dye release and also for better adhesion to my grays. I use about 1/4 cup of lemon juice for my henna and let it sit along with the water. I add the cassia when I am just about to apply it no lemon juice there just water. I have always found the results to be beautiful but drying. It's especially hard on my hair since I wait 2 days before washing. My hair is literrally so tangled that I cannot brush it after I do a henna application. This is after rinsing in the shower and conditioning twice. I can't imagine what I would end up with if I didn't conditilon twice. What am I doing wrong? too much lemon juice? waiting too long to wash out? Is there anything else that I can use that will speed up dye release and help the henna adhere to grays better? Thanks!
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Re: henna drying hair out suggestions please

You do not need to wait to shampoo with henna, its not going to come out once its there. Shampoo straight away and condition straight after. The lemon juice could be causing it, but so could the cassia. Sometimes cassia doesn't agree with peoples' hair.

If you're shooting for a diluted henna mix, try a gloss instead and use apple juice instead of lemon juice, or dilute the lemon juice more.

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